Woh – Episode 16

Ronnie tells his friends about whatever happened when he was taking bath. Rahul is worried about Rohit but Ashutosh tries to pacify him. Rahul wonders if they are doing a mistake by trying to fight with the Joker. Ashutosh tells him that they have to kill the Joker and get rid of the problems. Rahul asks him why it is only them who have to fight him. Ashutosh explains that they all became friends only because of the Joker and Ranjeet. He says that they all were destined to become a force which could fight against evil. Ashutosh tells them that he too had tried to leave the place, but something or the other used to stop him. Everyone tells Rahul that once Sanjeev too joins them, they can come up with a concrete plan to destroy the Joker. Rahul feels better when everyone peps him up. Ashutosh tries calling up Sanjeev. Sanjeev initially disconnects the line, but later attends the call. Ashutosh asks Sanjeev to come there soon. Sanjeev tells him that he is feeling very scared to come. When Shiva tries to convince him, Sanjeev is compelled to agree. Sanjeev remembers his encounter with the Joker. `Sanjeev is walking by the pond playing with his cricket ball. Joker suddenly approaches him and tries to lure him by saying that he can become a great cricketer by coming to his world. He says that his world has only happiness and no sorrow. Sanjeev gets scared and runs for his life. The Joker laughs loudly and challenges that he will have to come to him some day.’ Inspector Shinde comes to meet Ashutosh but Radhika tells him that Ashutosh is not at home. Radhika invites him inside for a glass of water. Shinde tries to ask about Ashutosh’s activities. He asks if she knows why Ashutosh’s friends have come all of a sudden, and what their motive is. Radhika denies knowing anything. Shinde tells Radhika that the conditions in Panchgani are not favorable, and asks her in inform him if she gets any vital information. Sanjeev is on his way to meet his friends. The mad man of the cave, Ranjeet tells Anand who is also insane now, that they have received instructions from `Him’. Ranjeet makes voodoo dolls of all the seven friends and explains their profiles to Anand. When Ranjeet tells Anand about Sanjeev, Anand pierces a needle on the doll representing Sanjeev. On the other hand, Sanjeev is shocked to see blood oozing out of his hand.


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